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As a leading provider of Rife Technology equipment, we take pride in offering the best frequency generators available. We have used data from Rife's original lab notes and video footage and strived to develop a unit worthy of the Dr. Rife's name and heritage.

We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. We have been manufacturing and selling our Beam Ray units since 1998, with amazing results and testimonials.

Below is an excerpt from Resonance by Alex Duarte, Bsc., O.D., Ph.D.

Restoring Rife's Technology

Mr. Lynn Kenny, Entrepreneur, Sky Diver, Scuba Diver and Professional Photographer spent 17 years working to restore Dr. Rife's technology.

"The one trait of the human spirit that drives one to succeed above all the others is persistence. Royal Raymond Rife married persistence with science and ingenuity accomplishing what the world of medicine would consider impossible. It is with this same focus and intent that Mr. Lynn Kenny is persisting in restoring and refining Rife's remarkable technology.

The greatest feature of science, providing we remove the greed, avarice and prejudice of man, is that it is self-correcting. Then and only then can true progress be made. What Mr. Kenny has achieved in a few short years is truly amazing. Consider the following:

  • He analyzed the noble gas mixture in one of the original Rife Beam Ray tubes and reproduced it in his BioRay tube.
  • He had two independent laboratories analyze and substantiate that this tube wavelength emission spectrum is totally safe for human exposure.
  • He showed that some of these wavelengths were in the infrared spectrum which many studies have proven can ameliorate pain.
  • He sought the services of a noted scientist who demonstrated in two published studies that the Rife mortal oscillatory rate (MOR) harmonic frequency, specific for a given microbe, is 2000 times more effective in inhibiting bacterial growth than a random frequency.
  • He spent one year fulfilling the strict requirements of the American Association of Acupuncture and Bioenergetic Medicine's Institutional Review Board (IRB), FDA protocols for a non-significant risk research project.
  • He spent the next year along with the researchers and IRB gathering the incredible results of this research demonstrating an effective amelioration of pain and suffering from a broad range of human diseases

Of the several other companies that claim to hold Rife technology I have not seen one that can match these accomplishments. I commend Mr. Kenny for his persistence in trying to restore this technology in the correct manner, with research. And perhaps this time we will all see the dread infectious and degenerative diseases of humanity conquered at last."




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