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GB4000  vs  Beam Ray

RF Output

GB4000 has a gated or modulated sine wave output.  This is inherent in an amplitude modulated carrier wave system.  This type of system will not produce any harmonic content. This is the basis of AM (amplitude Modulated) radio still in use today. If this did create great harmonic content, the AM radio would produce noise over all other radio systems in use in our world.

The Beam Ray system outputs an under damped square wave to produce RF energy. This output is created by exciting a tuned circuit in the output. The tuned circuit is controlled by the programmed frequency selected per the computer.

Multiple Frequencies

GB4000 has the ability to output up to 8 frequencies at once.  It contains up to 2000 channels/programs that can be up to 48 steps or group of frequency. 

The Beam Ray system outputs only one frequency at a time.  It can store 10,000 plus programs of unlimited length. 

The multiple frequency selection has several problems. In producing multiple programs at once the output power is divided between each of the frequencies and also the sums and differences of these frequencies. For example if you output 500Hz and 3000Hz. What you divide the power between  500Hz 2500Hz, 3000Hz and 3500Hz. As you add more frequencies you create even more sums and differences. You can find the math behind this at  .

With the Beam Ray we suggest you use only one frequency at once to allow maximum effect.

Frequency Output Range

GB4000 can produce all Frequencies in the range of 1 to 20 million hertz in .01 Hz Increments.

Through Beam Ray's 20+ years of experience we have found that our output range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz is more than sufficient for any intended application.


The GB4000 has a small LCD display used to monitor and program the unit.

The Beam Ray has a full built in monitor and full keyboard. It displays the current operational program step and the next frequency to be executed in the execute program mode. In the Main menu a full sized keyboard is used to select the desired operation. Full screen display is used to keep the user informed and minimize complexity of user interface and name programs.

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