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Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. Been a crazy summer so far!! J Coley is doing very well. He had the cast taken off three weeks ago and then the screws taken out the next day. Considering the doc originally told us it would be the end of July before the screws came out, I would say Coley had some great healing!! He is walking on it just fine with no problems whatsoever!

Thanks for all of your help!! J


Christie Maybie

Thank you for your e-mail regarding your further studies with Your Nutritional Chemotherapy. I had bladder cancer in 2004. That is when I met you at Steiner College where I had worked in the bookstore. Had two surgeries to remove them and then went on your program at home in conjunction with the Beam Ray and the tumors have never come back. I haven’t had a check-up recently due to lack of insurance but will soon have insurance and will go in for a check. Will keep you posted. Thank you for being my nutritionist and guiding me along with your support. I am working at a healthy supermarket. They even have a juice bar there! Also a wonderful organic produce department and supplement section. Right now I am a cashier and have met two people who are on the same program and I can tell them that it works! Thanks again and best wishes.


I am happy to share my story with you about my healing journey with the Cancer Survivor Zone Program. I came to you about five years ago with a diagnosis of bladder cancer. In the 18 months prior to our meeting, I had three surgeries and had not really taken the diagnosis seriously.  Nor had a changed my diet or lifestyle. Just a few days after my second surgery, I was considering chemotherapy, though the prognosis in my case was poor. One week on chemo and another surgery later I was back to my normal toxic lifestyle. Six months after that I went in for a check-up. The cancer was back, visible on the CT scan. There they were three more tumors. My oncologist told me I needed yet another surgery. This is when I found the Cancer Survivor Zone Program. I got onto the program 150% - water filters, Beam Ray therapy, all of the vitamins and supplements there were recommended and a complete diet change. Nothing processed or packaged. Most of what I ate was organic. In that 6 weeks, I lost 25 lbs., which I really needed to do. No exercise change, just really good eating according to the Survivor Zone Plan and I lost 25 lbs. I went in for surgery and when I was awakened the Doc told me, “They weren’t there. The tumors were gone.” There was no surgery done after all. I knew exactly why they had disappeared, but felt the need to ask the doctor if he had an explanation. He of course did not. I asked if there could have been an error when he saw them on the imaging test 6 weeks earlier. And again, the answer was no. Obviously I believe in you and your program. I HAVE A CHECK-UP EVERY SIX MONTHS AND I AM CANCER FREE.  Thanks so much.


A year and a half ago my prostate cancer came back as fourth stage bone cancer, inoperable and incurable in my hips and spine. My weight dropped to 121 pounds and survival looked dim. I purchased the Beam Ray machine. I drink one third to half gallon of pH water a day. I gained back all the weight that I had lost and now weigh three or 4 pounds more than I ever have in my life. I am doing my normal routine in life comfortably and I don’t feel like I am dying and I have no pain. The CT scan that I recently had done still shows some cancer but it is not hindering any of my activity. I am staying completely away from not so good foods that you have told me to avoid and feel great at the age of 68. I try to tell everyone who will listen to me of what my condition was before and what my condition is now. But sadly, most people don’t feel like they need it. Thank you. If there is anything that I have stated that would be of use to you, please feel free to use it. I can’t imagine that anything I have said will be of much use. The main thing is that I feel very alive and I don’t feel like I am dying. I am just so happy that my life has been extended and I am hoping that the people who I deliver water to are helped in some way. I am happy that I am still here for my friends and relatives. Thank you for all of your help to get me started and on the right track. 


I’m writing this to tell you about the excellent results we’ve had using the Beam Ray on our dogs. We take in strays for the Sheriff’s department where we live and at the present we have 120. Our vet bills run anywhere from $200 to $700 a month depending on the types of injuries, illnesses or spay and neuters that we have each month. We are retired and have a fixed income so it gets tight more often than not. We have no help in caring for them so we are pretty well tied down.

We went to a seminar when you were in town and were impressed with the Beam Ray and thought what a wonderful way to help us with the animals and their many problems. We made arrangement to purchase one and with your help we have had what we consider great results.

We had four puppies and I had the vet give them their shots when they were of age. In about a week one of the four broke with parvovirus and went down fast. The vet said that it was doubtful that she would make it and she should be isolated. I called you and you suggested frequency settings to use and I followed your advice. I used the Beam Ray on her every 4 hours day and night for 3 days. She was in a wire cage in the living room and I slept in a lounge chair at night so I could wake up and give her a treatment. I forced distilled water down her with a syringe and gave her chicken noodle soup the same way. The 3rd day she was acting like she wanted to be up and around so she went outdoors for a while. The rest of that day she got stronger but still got all of her treatments. The 4th day she was really active and barking so I put her outside in her pen and she has been well ever since and still is. That was about a year ago.

We had an older dog that was in a fight and had to have stitches. I used the frequency for tissue healing and infection on him and in 3 days his incisions and stitches were closing and healing well with no complications. Often times they like to lick their wounds but this guy never did so I guess the wounds didn’t bother him.

We have a 14 year old Beagle female that was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and coughs a lot. The vet didn’t think she would live but said I could try whatever I wanted to with here but not to be surprised if she didn’t make it. He had her on Lasix and that can cause problems. I use the Beam Ray heart frequencies on her and she is still alive and very active. I also give her coQ10. I had her into the vet yesterday and he checked her over and said her heart sounds real good but she has a slight heart murmur. He said the cough could be kennel cough so I took her off the Lasix and she’s on amoxicillin now. I firmly believe that the Beam Ray made a difference in her heart condition. This all happened about 2 months ago.

Another young female broke with a mild case of distemper even after she had her shots and was spayed. As a result, she developed encephalitis and has nerve damage. I was given no hope and was told she would only get worse. We put her in a crate in the house and I started Beam Ray treatments immediately. I gave her frequencies for encephalitis, nerve damage, bugs and tissue heal. She was losing weight but I enticed her with canned food so she would start eating and she has gained good weight now. She is not any worse and will always have the nerve damage where she jerks up and down but she is normal in every other way, very alert and barking. My husband has carried her in and out of the house since she wouldn’t walk willingly every day and night and she is a large dog, but I feel it has paid off. We have been working with her for 6 weeks now. She is outside most of the time and I give her treatments less often but she is still getting them on the same settings.

I have a wonderful vet but he won’t recognize any alternative treatments. He comes day or night when I call him in an emergency and gives me a break in prices when he can but I never ask him to.

I just wanted you to know that I feel we have had excellent results experimenting with the Beam Ray and I want to thank you for all of your help and suggestions. We couldn’t have done it without all the help you gave us.

I will keep you informed of any other treatment outcomes as we use the Beam Ray on all of these sweet little “throw aways”. They seem to know that we are trying to help them. I only wish other little animals had the same opportunity for the Beam Ray treatment.

Barbara and Fred Sebastian Chaparral

New Mexico

I wish to share my story in the hopes that it will be able to help others with cancer find the same success I have experienced. Having known the suffering that comes with this horrible disease and the frustration of trying to find answers, I want to do what I can to save others from that suffering.

I found a lump in my left breast one night in the spring of 1992, 7 years ago. Shortly before that experience, I had watched friend and neighbor who lived just three houses from mine die from breast cancer, becoming literally a vegetable in a hospice. In two years, she had gone from finding a lump in her breast, to the suffering of surgery, staph infections, radiation and chemotherapy, with all the accompanying side effects. I shared with her her fear, her pain, her frustration, her hope, faith and courage. She had a wonderful and supportive husband who stood by her to the end. As I tried to give her love and support, agonizing over the suffering (emotional and physical) the treatments caused, the lack of answers from the doctors, and the devastation as the cancer spread, I decided that if I ever got cancer, I would take a different road.

As I felt that lump that night, I knew I was on the verge of a divorce. I also knew I could not go through what my friend had gone through alone. I had no family who lived close, except my children. Emotionally, I did not have the stamina to face those treatments by myself. I felt my fear of them alone, would hinder any benefit I could gain, for I had no faith that they would work for me. So I began to pray, asking for guidance in my search for answers. I was led to the book “Fit for Life” through a friend and changed my diet. I became a vegetarian. I took many products and did many things that helped and made a difference in how I felt, but the lump kept growing. My husband and I separated about 9 months later, and divorced a year after that. I had a wonderful son who stood by me and gave me support, but those years were very stressful and difficult for me and my children. I had many spiritual experiences during those years that gave me great hope for my recovery and revealed to me I was not alone and there was a purpose in the experiences I was struggling through.

In February of 1995, I began dating a wonderful man, whom I married a year and a half later. He gave me love and support as I had never before known. He married me knowing I had cancer. About 6 months before we married, my back began hurting, but I thought I hurt it cleaning, as I had been in several car accidents and my back was not strong. I went to a chiropractor for treatment, but found it too painful. A month after we were married, we went to Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico for a week of treatment there. We met many wonderful people there, receiving much support from both staff and patients. I came home on their protocol, hopeful that I would get well. A week later I began experiencing very intense pain in my upper back. A week later I was hospitalized, had tests run (blood work, bone scan, cat scan and x-rays) and found out that a vertebrae in my upper back (T-3) had burst from cancer. During my hospitalization, I was told that the cancer had also spread to my liver. At that time I was placed on morphine for the pain. As the testing took place, it would take six of the hospital staff, holding the sheet I was laying on, to carefully lift me. Even then I could hardly stand the pain and would be left gasping. I was taken by ambulance from the hospital to their diagnostic center for radiation treatment to my back and in 8 days I was released to go home, where I continued to go for treatment. I was very weak. About that time, my doctor told me she had never seen anyone at my stage of cancer get well. My oncologist is a good doctor, never one to give a time frame of so many months to live or what would happen if I didn’t do chemotherapy, etc. She supported us in our decisions and helped us in the ways she could. I very much appreciated that and expressed that to her.

At that time and many others I felt a wonderful spiritual presence with us, giving us peace and great comfort. We are amazed as we look back, that we had no fear at that time, because God was there with us, supporting us in a very difficult time in our life. After a few weeks at home, I was able to get out of bed by myself, but it was pretty up and down health wise. I was in a lot of pain and continued to take time released morphine for the pain for the past two and a half years. I continued to take the supplements from Hospital Santa Monica and medications faithfully. The Nolvadez (Tamoxifen) I had been put on for the breast cancer caused a lot of hot flashed and side effects, which continued to get worse until I couldn’t take it anymore and stopped taking it 6 months later. At that point, January 1997, my CEA count was 3 and my CA 27-29 was 7, but I had no quality of life. I felt awful. I found a wild yam cream for the hot flashes and after several months it began to help. In February we found a house to buy, as we were living in an apartment, and put earnest money down on it. I began to stress about how I could move, as I was so weak and physically unable to do anything to prepare to move, because of my back and my shoulder. The cancer had spread to the bones in my shoulder and I began slowly losing the use of the right arm. The stress really hurt me and my cancer markers started to rise in March of that year. After our move in June, I continued to decline, and in September of that year we went back to Hospital Santa Monica for 18 days. I regained use of my right arm, and felt pretty good, but came home with many obstacles to overcome. It was pretty up and down. We did so many different therapies, oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, Essiac, and many other herbs and supplements, adding Mannetech products in January of 1998. I also added products suggested by an ND at that time. March of that year I felt I was getting better. In April 1998, I felt a pain in my left hip while walking one evening and had trouble walking from time to time after that. I spent almost the entire month of May in bed very sick. We did x-rays, but could find nothing wrong. Things continued to deteriorate until a bone and cat scan in August showed the cancer had spread to 3 vertebrae in my back at waist level (L1, L2 and L3), also both hips and the pelvic bone. There was also a place in my right foot and a rib that was questionable. I was in a lot of pain, losing mobility fast. My right arm was continuing to get worse and worse. By September I started using a wheelchair, as it was getting so painful even to walk short distances. October 5th to the 27th we spent at Hospital Santa Monica in Mexico, my husband having to help me do the treatments as with the previous two trips there and now having to help me dress and undress. I did not get the relief I had so much hoped for and was sick a lot during my stay, although I began walking much better, giving up the wheelchair and my arm was somewhat better. When we saw one chest x-ray taken during our stay, we were shocked to find that the bones in my shoulder were very deteriorated from the cancer, one almost disappearing on the x-ray. They cautioned me to be very careful with that arm and shoulder, so I wouldn’t break it. They provided a sling for me to use to support the arm. I had been holding that arm close to my body, supporting it with my other hand, as it hurt so much. The last week at the hospital I felt better, but the trip home was hard for me and I came back weak, nauseated and pretty sick. Our fellow church members (we belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) began bringing in meals, coming in to clean our home and were so kind and caring. It really touched our hearts at the outpouring of love and concern and service we were shown. When we saw my oncologist on November 8th, she said she hated to see me in such bad shape and suggested radiation. I agreed, but declined chemotherapy. She gave me medication for the nausea, but until she later prescribed Zofran, I continued to be very nauseous. The Zofran finally helped. I saw the radiologist on Monday, November 16th. The examination and set up for radiation was very painful for me and by the time we were done, I began to feel nauseated from the pain and began throwing up on the way home. I was in so much pain, throwing up was excruciating for me. We got me home, and into bed, where I continued to throw up throughout the night. All I could do was turn my head to throw up, as I was in so much pain. I literally could not move 1 inch without excruciating pain. By the next morning I was able to keep some water down and then liquid morphine, until we got about 200 milligrams to stay down and I could finally be lifted off the bed to go to the bathroom. My doctor arranged for me to go into the hospital the following day where I again began radiation by ambulance. We did my right shoulder and the 3 vertebrae in my back first, then my left hip next. Members of our church held a special 24 hour fast (which they had done 3 other times for me) and prayed for me on Sunday, December 1st and that following week I saw a lot of improvement. It was such a tender, touching experience. We had so many people praying for us. I finished radiation the middle of December. At that time I was moving so much better, but was very weak and tired. Mt radiologist told me that the best improvement I would get from radiation would be about the end of 6 weeks after radiation to any area done. We decided not to do the right hip as I was no longer experiencing pain there. We decided to see what happened. By the middle of January I was doing better but then started feeling some pain in my shoulder again and my right hip. The pain continued to get worse daily in my hip, going down into my right leg and up from my right foot (which they had seen on the bone scan, but didn’t know if it was cancer or arthritis). The pain worsened, spreading to my left leg and into both knees. At that point I knew I had to do something fast. My legs were so painful that I couldn’t stand to touch them. I was extremely concerned, frightened at how fast the pain was accelerating and praying to know what to do. I knew I didn’t have a lot of time. At that point, a friend with colon cancer called me to tell me about a seminar on “Rife” being held just a couple of blocks from our home in a few days. My friend said she felt the information shared there would be worth hearing and urged us to attend. My husband and I decided to see what it was about before making any decisions about further treatment. I was able to attend the seminar given on Beam Ray by its president, Lynn Kenny, on Friday, January 29th. My husband took me home afterwards, as I didn’t have a lot of stamina at that time and tired easily, and the pain was hard to bear. He then went back and talked to Mr. Kenny for a couple of hours, thoroughly questioning him about the technology. He felt after their discussion that it was worth trying and that we should try it. I was willing to do that, but it was without a lot of hope. I didn’t have a lot of fight left in me and the pain was really wearing me down. At that time, I was taking 60 mg of Oramorph (time released morphine) twice a day (sometimes more) and it wasn’t enough to take away the pain. But I didn’t dare take more at the morphine had shut down the function of my colon. I had to do enemas at that time. After the seminar, a Beam Ray unit was purchased by a woman living here in our city, who had been instrumental in putting the seminar together, who then opened her home to us to use it. I began using the machine twice a day on February 2nd. At that time, I needed my husband’s assistance to get in and out of the car, into her home and help to lay down and get up from her couch. I had to move very carefully so as not to cause further pain as my bones were so fragile. I took cushions with me where ever I went, to put under and behind me, as regular surfaces put me in too much pain. After 4 days the pain left my legs and knees. I was amazed. After a week of treatment, I was able to start driving again. After two weeks, the weakness (like having low blood sugar) I had been experiencing almost continuously went away. I did need to do a lot of resting. Many nights I would not have made it to the second treatment without my husband’s encouragement. On February 13th, my husband and I were able to attend a Valentine’s party at our church for couples. I felt well enough to dance several dances with my husband. That was a real milestone. I was even able to raise my arm enough to gently do “the swing”. Those first few weeks, my husband would often ask me if I should be doing a particular thing I was doing, not wanting me to hurt myself. He was amazed at my progress. I was amazed at my progress. I began to drop the level of Oramorph I was taking. As the treatment progressed, I began to have more energy. On Friday, February 19th, we attended a wedding reception for my husband’s niece and we enjoyed dancing again. I felt a lot stronger than the preceding week. On February 22nd, I saw my oncologist and her comment was, “I can tell you feel better, you’re moving better!” My CA 27-29 on January 18th was 67.6; on February 22nd it had dropped to 41.9. My CEA on the same day in January was 60.2 and had dropped to 21.8 on February 22nd. When I saw her on March 22nd she said, “I guess miracles do happen.” I said, “Yes, I guess they do!” Then she said, “Whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it!” Then she told me how happy she was for me and gave me a hug. My CA 27-29 on that day was 41.2 and my CEA was 11.5. I just saw her last Friday, April 23rd, and I just got the results of the cancer markers this afternoon. My CA 27-29 dropped to 15.4 and my CEA dropped to 8.3!!!

The only things I have done differently since January is sit in front of the Beam Ray light twice a day most weekdays and once on Saturday, and take the nutritional supplements and colon cleanser that is recommended. I have also had 5 colonics, as I just couldn’t seem to detox fast enough. I experienced an intense headache for 3 weeks and knew it was because of that. I can tell a big difference in stamina, energy and overall wellbeing. I will take some time for my bones to fill in, as they were weakened a lot from the cancer, and I still have pain where my vertebrae broke, and in the vertebrae at the waist, but I feel like I have a real life now. You gain a real appreciation for life when you feel better consistently. I remember too well how hard it was not to be able to get out of bed or lay down without assistance, or to walk across the room without help. My right arm was so weakened and in so much pain that I couldn’t dress myself or cut an orange in half. The last two and half years have been very difficult. I never knew from day to day how I would feel. When I could not cope, I prayed for greater strength, and God blessed me. He not take away my pain and suffering, but He gave me strength to endure it, and a comfort and peace. And when I could not bear the pain, at times He took it away through the power of prayer. There were many days I was able to function because of mine and my husband’s prayers and through special blessings.

I would recommend the use of the Beam Ray machine to anyone with cancer based on what it has done for me. We have tried so many different things so faithfully and have never had anything work so well with such good results. I am so grateful to the people at Beam Ray and all those who have worked so faithfully with them, to research and manufacture this technology and give back to the world the work of Royal Raymond Rife. As one who has gone through suffering associated with cancer, I am incredibly grateful for such a miracle as this technology has been for me. I felt to pinch myself since the first week, as the results have been so dramatic to us. We have seen others get wonderful results using the Beam Ray also. There is incredible hope in this technology. It will relieve much suffering. I thank God for inspiring Royal Raymond Rife to bring forth this gift to mankind and for men and women everywhere who care about their fellowman and work to end suffering.

I am so appreciative to all of those who have had a part in my recovery. Each one has touched my life in a very special way and left my life richer and fuller through their goodness. God does hear and answer our prayers, but it is usually through others that he meets our needs. That is why He has asked us to help others and serve them. As we learn to forget ourselves and how to give as He does, He can bless us to be an instrument in His hands, and we can find great joy and satisfaction in both giving and receiving. Love is the greatest power in heaven and earth. May it fill your heart and soul and heal your life. I thank God for the angels I have met along the way. I’m sure they were there because God was listening to my prayers and because they were listening to his call.

May God bless you in your journey. May you know He loves you unconditionally. Trust in Him, having faith that He does know best, that all things may work together for your greatest good. Know that he is only a prayer away. Know you never need to walk alone. 

Afton Graf

I wrote of my progress using the Beam Ray the end of April 1999. That was a year ago. It has been quite a year, and I continue to have great respect for what this technology can do to aid in the fight of cancer and many other conditions. At the end of April 1999 I felt so good, and my tumor markers were almost normal. At that time my CEA was 8.3 and my CA 27-29 was 15.4. I was sure the cancer would be in remission very shortly. During May I allowed myself to become very busy, some days only using the Beam Ray once and disregarded Lynn Kenny’s advice that I should rest a lot, as the body had a lot of healing to accomplish and needed that energy to do so. But it had been so long since I had felt so good and there were so many things that I wanted to do with my life. I was stunned when I received the results of my blood work from May 21st. It was not what I had expected. For 24 hours I felt very intense fear. I did a lot of praying. My CA 27-29 had increased to 19.4 and my CEA to 14.8. In June I tried to harder to use the Beam Ray twice a day, but I began to lose energy and sometimes was too tired to go. I then began experiencing problems with my liver and pancreas. I couldn’t believe what was happening. On the 21st of June my CA 27-29 had gone up to 23 and my CEA was 49.4. I struggled through July. It was difficult to eat, as eating made my liver hurt. My blood sugar was out of balance. I started liver cleansing and herbs for liver and pancreas. I was going down fast. The pain in my bones began increasing. On July 23rd my CA 27-29 was 38.4 and my CEA was up. We knew we needed our own machine and the first part of August we arranged to get a Beam Ray of our own. I began using it twice a day in my own home. It was wonderful to be able to stay at home and rest. September was not easy, but I continued to diligently use the Beam Ray faithfully and cleanse the liver. On September 30th my CA 27-29 was 68.1 and my CEA was 79.3. Those markers were higher than when I had started to use Beam Ray, but I was amazed at how much better I was feeling and how much lower my pain level was. I think that is a great testament to the power of Beam Ray in itself. The end of September, Bob and I travelled to Canada to the Rife Conference. There we got a stronger bulb from Lynn Kenny, he had just begun distributing. I could tell a difference immediately. We took one home and I began to feel better. October was a pretty good month. On October 29th I saw the first drop in my markers since April. My CA 27-29 was 56.2 and my CEA was 60.4. I was so thrilled.

My markers have dropped steadily since that time and I have felt better and better. My liver and pancreas feel find and so is my blood sugar. As of March 17th, 2000, My CA 27-29 is 11.8 and my CEA is 10.3. My red blood and white blood counts have been climbing steadily up also. My doctor is so pleased with my progress.

I urge anyone using the Beam Ray to use it faithfully and be very consistent with the diet and nutrition. It is a combination of diet, supplements, herbs and cleansing that all contribute to getting well. The Beam Ray can destroy the cancer, but the condition of the body must change so that it won’t return. Monitoring PH is very important. I also encourage them to rest and listen to their body. The body needs time to heal, and will tell you what you need if you are willing to listen to it. Another thing we found very critical was to rotate the order of the Beam Ray programs. We also gradually increased the sweep to compensate for any adaptation in the cancer cells.

I feel so blessed to have found this company and the Beam Ray machine. I know that without it and God’s guidance and blessings, I would not be alive today.

Afton Graf

First of all, thanks. I have been treating a patient with your machine and I have noted exciting results. My sister-n-law was diagnosed with Leimyosarcoma about 4 years ago. This is a rapidly progressive carcinoma that usually starts out in the smooth muscle of the uterus or small intestine. This particular cancer has a very bad prognosis with a near zero 5 year survival rate (especially if it has metastasized). She has had 4 operations since then, including removal of the uterus and partial removal of the intestinal fat pad. She was stable for about a year on Tamoxifen and Megase, but last October, six tumors 3mm each in size were found on her lungs on a surveillance cat scan. At this time, her doctor did not know what to do, so he ordered a repeat cat scan in 8 weeks to see if they grew. I began exposing her to the general/cancer protocols established on your machine (Monday – Saturday protocols) twice a day 6 days a week. After 6 weeks, there were only 2 detectable tumors on the cat scan, each now only a third of its original size. She remained on this protocol for a total of 16 weeks and the last cat scan does not show any evidence of tumor. We are still waiting to see what her doctor will say. He still doesn’t know about her Rife exposures. She will continue to get scans every 2 months for the next year. Hopefully she will stay tumor free and in good health. Nevertheless, I am documenting her case for mine and your records. 

Darius Bartkus

Mid-March I was diagnosed with a staph infection because of lumps rising on my skin. After about a month and a half treatment with antibiotics, a tissue sample was sent to the pathologist. In the meantime the lumps were spreading and growing in size with a lot of pain. The pathology report came back as cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, high grade, aggressive. By this time I was swelling up all over and experiencing a lot of pain and could hardly breathe. I ordered my Beam Ray machine. I was feeling so bad I had to go to the hospital for eight days. The hospital was able to stop the pain and reduce the swelling. When I got out of the hospital my Beam Ray machine was waiting for me. I was so weak it was five days before I got my Beam Ray working. In the five days out of the hospital the lumps were beginning to grow and cause pain again. With the first treatment of the Beam Ray I could feel it was working on the lymphoma. Within two weeks the lumps were almost gone. After thirty-two treaments I had another CT scan and a PET scan and the results showed no evidence of lymphoma at all much to the amazement of my oncologist. Thank you Beam Ray.

Harold Kerr

Good morning,

I just wanted to tell you of the miracle of my dad’s recovery from a cancer called small cell. He was diagnosed Thanksgiving Day with the cancer and was not given much of a chance for survival. We purchased the light and he did as the instructions said and when he went for his blood test and chemo on Wednesday February 12, 2003, the doctors were dumbfounded to find no trace of cancer. The news was so overwhelming that it is still hard to believe.

We think the power of prayer and the use of your product truly is a miracle.

Please pass this on to others so they can realize the power of your machine!!!

Thank you so very much.

Eric Martin

July 26, 2006

I decided to send you a copy of my testimony to show how the Beam Ray has helped me.

Do you know what it is to be termed “hopeless” by doctors? This Beam Ray has brought a wellness into my life that I did not have and want to share with you how wonderful the Beam Ray is.

In July 2004, I was diagnosed as needing bypass surgery and I went through the 5-Bypass surgery. When it was time for me to go home, they removed the “pacemaker” wires and instantly I had a stroke. I left my body and I prayed “Lord Jesus, I am so sick, please take me Home to be with You.” Instantly I was back in my body but I was unable to talk, except “talk, talk, I can’t talk, words, talk, head, words, etc. I was very ill. They were giving me 4 shots of insulin a day, my lungs were filled with fluid and they talking about putting a needle in me to draw off the fluid. I still had 2 blocked carotids, the left was 100% blocked and the right carotid was 50%. I was advised that a surgery to remove blockages very well would cause another stroke. I told my husband, “Home, home, I want to go…go home”.

A friend called and told me that she would be here with her Beam Ray when I got home from the hospital. I sat under the Beam Ray for 1 ½ hours and there were immediate changes in my health. After using the Beam Ray one time, I could speak normally from the stroke, I felt stronger, The swelling on my right leg where they removed the artery went down by 1 inch and by  the third day a nurse checked my lungs and told me there was no fluid on my lungs. I continued on the Beam Ray 2 times a day for stroke, circulation, CNS, edema and Generals 1 &2. I walked daily to strengthen my heart and body. As I walked outdoors, dirt got into my incision on my ankle and became infected. Having diabetes, I knew this was not a good thing. I programmed the Beam Ray for general antiseptic, Infection and healing and General 1 and I could hardly believe my eyes. At the beginning of the Beam Ray session the pus was running down my leg and it began running up my leg and by the end of the session a scab had formed on the wound. I couldn’t believe my eyes and I called Dan to tell him what I saw happening. The Beam Ray was supposed to speed healing and it did!

The doctors were amazed how fast my recovery was, at age 62, in spite of the diabetes. By the end of the month under the Beam Ray, my blood sugar levels were in normal range. I was teaching an Adult Sunday School class at church at the end of two months.

My blood sugar is in the normal range ever since I have used the Beam Ray. 


Janet Davis

My 13 year old boxer is thriving and I fully believe it is because of the Beam Ray. She seems to be drawn to it and loves to curl up under it.

In no time at all, the cataract program had her eyes going from cloudy to brown and bright. I also run the tissue regeneration and spine 3 (for healing and inflammation) because she tore a ligament in her knee (because she still plays like a puppy!) and she is getting around like it is good as new!

Also, as a proactive measure, she gets the standard cancer protocol. 

I am so thankful for this light!



Pawnee, AL

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